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Do you believe in astrology? Do you want to enjoy the fruit of astrology in your life too? Then Birth Stone by Date of Birth website is here to help you. We at Stone by date of birth website strive to provide you information on your life path number. Anyone can identify his or her life path number with the date of birth. This website provides the free software by which you can generate your life path number just in a few clicks. A life path number is nothing but the calculation of your date of birth. For instance, if your date of birth is 28th August and you have born in 1998 then your life path number will be 2 + 8 + 0 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 8= 10 (1+0)+ 8(8) + 27(2+7)= 1 + 8 + 9 = 18(1+8) = 9. So, your life path number is 9 and it is ruled by Mars.

Discover Your Life Path Number & Lucky Stone

At this website, we are going to discuss all the lucky life path numbers from 1 to 9 with the lucky gemstone remedies. The life path number not only says about your positive and negatives characteristics but also disclose which gemstone is lucky for you. Let us start from life path number 1.

  1. Life Path Number 1: People who come under life path number 1 they are ruled by the planet Sun. they are determined and have natural leadership quality. Ruby is the lucky gemstone and gold is the lucky metal for these natives.
  1. Life Path Number2: Native who are born under the life path number 2 they are governed by the planet Moon. They are benevolent in nature and very dutiful towards family and friends. Pearl is the lucky gemstone and silver is lucky metal for them.
  1. Life Path Number 3: When your life path number is 3, you are certainly governed by the planet Jupiter. The lucky gemstone is Yellow Sapphire for you and you should wear it with gold metal. You are a creative person, social and popular among friends.
  1. Life Path Number 4: If your life path number is 4 then you are a sincere person and you are a radical person. You are governed by planet Rahu and your lucky gemstone is Gomed or Amethysts. To gain better result of Rahu, you need to wear the gemstone with gold or silver.
  1. Life Path Number 5: People who born with the life path number 5 they are adventurous, quick problem solver and analytic in mind. These natives are ruled by planet Mercury and their lucky gemstone is Emerald. If you wish to welcome fortune in your life then you can wear the Emerald with gold.
  1. Life Path Number 6: When your life path number is 6, you are governed by planet Venus. You are a person of superior self-esteem and you always stay strict to your decision and honesty. Diamond is your lucky gemstone and you can wear it with silver or gold.
  1. Life Path Number 7: You are truly a bookish person when your life path number is 7. You are ruled by planet Ketu and Cat’s Eye is your lucky gemstone.
  1. Life Path Number 8: When your life path number is 8, you have hunger of name, fame and success in life. You are governed by planet Saturn and you need to wear Blue Sapphire in the middle finger with copper to welcome happiness in life.
  1. Life Path Number 9: You are a charming person when you have come under the life path number 9. You are ruled by Mars and you are truly sensitive but have true sense of worth in life. You need to wear Coral with Gold or Copper to get sure shot success in life.

At Birth Stone by Date of Birth website, our motto is to help people who are looking for astrological remedies to live happily and prosperous in life. Visit our site frequently and get more information on astrology, numerology and much, much more.

Would you like to know you’re Stones according to date of birth? You will find your stone depending on birth day. It can be revealed based on your birth month. Just because they usually promote good emotional and genuine health to the individual, birthstones can also be called prize rocks. One can find several birthstones linked to each month. They’re typically assembled into various types like traditional birthstones, contemporary birthstones, astrological birthstone, magical birthstone, spiritual birthstone etc. It can be utilized whilst in the form of preferred jewellery and certainly will even be introduced as great presents as they are precious and are prone to hold fortune to anybody who gets it.

Gemstones should to be predicated on exceptional grah (Planet) determined by your kundali (starting- data). It is presumed the planetary position at that time there’s an individual developed, influences all areas of living. Therefore you need to have knowledge of these rocks that is birthstones, and it’s also not inappropriate and genuinely necessary to realize that we must solely use a blessed Stones according to date of birth which can be advised for us. Wearing a different stone might have reversal outcomes. Utilize our gem advice process to find stone that is blessed that is you’re in accordance with your date of delivery. The particular treasure is recommended only after understanding your birth chart. We assess your Kundali for Yoga that is inauspicious and excellent furthermore, which specifically affects your horoscope.

Stones according to date of birthFor enhancing wealth and achievement Stones according to date of birth have beneficial forces and so are employed. Birthstones which can be diverse have folks and different attributes should solely realize their respective treasures to acquire a whole insight inside their nature. Further traditions provide understanding of icons of one’s blessed rock and each birthstone according to your time of birth. You boost your conduct and faculties by sporting the gem recommended to suit your needs and can easily learn your character traits. Alter knowledge and your lifetime of dwelling by realizing the proper and good aspect for you personally a great. We count on causing a pool of distinction inside your lifestyle and altering your lifestyles for good.
Acquire your Fortunate Stones according to date of birth. End all your problems regarding this superb substitute and obtain finest astrological remedies. Utilize diamonds that were correct encouraged by astrologers together with in this way only beat the problems of life. We evaluate your steel that is happy according to your time of start and usually assess. Our site understands the ancient significance of your birthstones in addition to the meaning that is unique by obtaining. We tell how it’s an immediate impact inside your everyday routines and also you your rock’s performance. Did you actually think that your potential might be increased? This can be a fantastic fix for the enhancement of present and the prospective. Your long wait of escalating points in lifestyle has finally reached a conclusion. By hauling fortunate that is you’re jewel predicated on birth day enjoy infinite returns.

Stones according to date of birthYou’re not unable to simply obtain all guides of living including money, education, venture, wellness, lifestyle etc. Comparable To your entire day of beginning, our delivery steel person will allow you to seek out your birth steel and related rewards. This simple truth is currently addressing each month predicated on happy stone in accordance with your delivery-day. Discover each rock’s exact photo and find just what do offer you possibility, chance.

These Stones according to date of birth are identified for having not excessively small recovery forces and related properties. Following will be the group of delighted gems on the base of the time of beginning:

Garnet- January, amethyst- February, Aquamarine- march, stone- April, emerald- May, pearl- June, ruby- July, Peridot- August, sapphire- November, opal- Oct, topaz- November and blue topaz- Dec.

Due to The exemplary and perfect homes of those gem treasures, it’s possible to experience peace and serenity without much wait. Through the use of your lucky Stones according to date of birth the unpleasant results in your life may be deemed bundle. Eliminate all the boundaries on transporting them-and have the love of valuable secrets. We suggest the use of these Stones according to birth to everyone who would like to experience an optimistic and huge difference within their lifestyle. It’s an opportunity which everybody can’t afford to miss. Present your loved one and near people who have this. Since successful result it’s constantly enacted many individuals’ lifestyles. From changing your desires into fact you are only few methods. Function as content one and find the truly amazing distinction out by sporting you’re fortunate Stones according to date of birth.