According to the astrology 2017 forecast for Scorpions, this year will present you with new opportunities for income. Try not to take money matters very easy, there are chances that you will spend more than your income. Interest in work will increase. A friend might help you in financial matters. This year is going to be good for your health and your courage will also increase. If there are problems in your married life, they will be resolved. Decisions taken by you might prove to be beneficial for you. You will be socially active. Your child’s success will keep you satisfied and happy. Working people will also be successful. You will get the support of a higher authority in your office. If a student wants to join a new course, this is an appropriate time to do so. There are chances of success in a competition. Your family life will be good, and your siblings will support you. There are chances of making new friends. According to Vedic astrology, the start alignment might present you with new sources of income. The profits of a small business might be good as well. Chances of travelling abroad might not be possible this year, but you might go on small journeys related to your business. Don’t worry if the beginning of the year is with small problems in love matters, because they will be resolved in time and love life will be good. It will better to clear any sort of misunderstanding in the relationship. Be careful with your diet, it is important for good health. Keep a watch on your lifestyle as well. Health problems related to heart and stomach might turn up, but they will last for a small period of time. Plant red plants in your house and take care of them.