This year for Leo will not have to face any major financial issues. Take good care of your health, suggests 2017 forecast for Leo. During the second half of the year, you will be stronger and your life will move at a fast pace. Your income will exceed your investments. For people involved in business, your profits might be more this year. People involved in property ventures should stay alert. Investing in the share market might prove to be beneficial this year, however invest during the second half of the year. You might face problems related to the health of your child. Maintain balance in your married life and respect the feelings of your partner. This year will be good for students and opportunity seekers. This year is good for the study of banking and management. You will be rewarded even if you have done minimum hard work. Your teachers will stay happy with you and you will succeed in examinations. This year will be good for people in the working sector. You will receive the happiness you have been waiting for. Everything you invest your time will be completed at the right time. With the help of your marketing skills, you will get good results at your workplace. People looking for a job will be offered many opportunities for the same so you get a lot of opportunities in the same. With everything happening according to your plan, you will stay happy at work and your work will grow as well as your personality. Focusing at your workplace will prove good for you. Stay alert around rivals. There are chances that a person you trust may cheat on you. Long journeys will be good for you. This year might be successful for women. Time is of the essence, make the most of it. Respect you father and bow to the sun at sunrise, it’ll bring only peace to you.