For the people who are looking for Gemini, the beginning of the year might bring mild ups and downs, however the financial situation of the family will remain the same. 2017 astrology for Gemini’s predict that there might be some problem while starting new ventures, but during mid-year, you may get the opportunity to meet some noble people in your field, the ones who have made remarkable progress in their lives. The work planned by you might be successful. The quality of your work will surprise you and you will be praised by your rivals as well. You might face some issues related to property ventures. It will be beneficial for you if you do not tell the secret of your success to your colleagues. You will be happy and enthusiastic with your accomplishments. In the business sector, your woes will turn into hope, so keep moving forward with confidence. If there is a pending case against you in the court of law, there is a chance that you might be released from it. You will step into planning of new ventures, which will be successful for you. Your devotion towards god, mentors and scholars will awaken and your path will be clear from all obstacles. Staying away from lottery and gambling will be beneficial for you. This year can bring new opportunities for you so don’t let go if you have one. Lost trust will be regained and investments in business will benefit you. You will see problems resolving by the end of the year and you will also find new sources of income. Buying expensive things through cash will prove to be beneficial for you. Think twice before investing money in business this year. There are chances of getting good returns from the share market. You might invest your money on a new car or property. Since the flow of income will not be disturbed, you will not be troubled. Pay attention to your love life as well. Do not lose trust on your partner. If you are a student, you will have to work hard this year. The predictions for Gemini for the year 2017 indicate that due to the success in your work, there will be an increase in work pressure on you. In this case, stay patient. The second half of the year will show you a decrease of your problems. Your hard work will be appreciated and respected. Bringing a small change in your attitude will be good for you. Make a contribution of stationary items for students.