Predictions for 2017 for Cancerians, foretell that you might face some problems till the month of April in this year. The working people should maintain a positive relationship with their juniors as well as your authorities. Your family will give you a lot of happiness and your loved ones will support you completely. You will be able to spend good quality time with your family. If you invest your money in a careful manner, the monetary returns might be good. This year will be good for business men as well. Be careful from investing your money in risky affairs. Stay alert while lending money to someone. Do not take decisions out of impulse. Mid-year will present you with opportunities to make some good investments and family problems will subside as well. You will step into some new ventures, which show the possibility of giving good results. Stay away from addictions such as lottery and gambling to avoid problems in your life. Fate will support you in every way after the month of September. If you are into politics, you will receive fame and glory. New acquaintances turning into friendship will bring you happiness. Do work carefully during the time between October to mid November, otherwise you might lose some good opportunities. There will be an increase in your public relations and good news will put an end to your stress. New ways of income will come to you and interest in work will increase. Avoid long journeys. In love matters, the love between you and your partner will get stronger and supportive. There are chances of growth in your work as well as the clearance of blocked money. Your family will maintain peace and harmony. People on the lookout for jobs will succeed. New opportunities will present themselves for people wanting to change their work. Seeking blessings from the elder women in your family (mother, grandmother, etc) will benefit you.