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Beyond shadow of doubt, wearing gemstone is proven lucky. People are many who have a strong faith in astrology and tend to wear precious as well as semi-precious gemstones. It is said that gemstones help to bring fortune and success in native’s life when the gemstone is suggested in according to date of birth, horoscope, and ongoing Dasha or Antar Dasha of the planet. When you do not know about your Rashi, Lagna or Dasha, still you can find your lucky birth stone in according to your Sun sign. At Birthstones According to Date of Birth website, we are here to discuss the twelve sun signs including the lord of the sign and its lucky gemstone. Hope the content will help you to determine your lucky birth stone and you can welcome deity of luck and glee in your life.


Birthstone By Date of Birth

If you do not know your sun sign then this website is here to help you. Just provide your right date of birth along with the year and our sun sign determiner and you can get your sun sign just in seconds. In this content, we will discuss the lucky birthstone or gemstone for twelve sun signs in according to their lord.

  • Arise (21st March to 20th April): Natives of Aries sign come under the influence of Mars. The sun sign is symbolized with Ram. These people are really strong in mind and thoughts. Diamond is the lucky birthstone for these people.
  • Taurus (21st April to 21st May): Natives born in between this time, are Taurus by sun sign. The sign is symbolized with Bull and planet Venus governs the sign. Emerald or Rose Quartz is considered lucky birthstone for these people to earn creative power.
  • Gemini(22nd May to 21st June): People who born in between these days, they are Gemini. The symbol of this sun sign denotes twins and it is governed by Mercury. Agate or Tourmaline is considered lucky birthstone for these people.
  • Cancer(22nd June to 22nd July): Cancer sun sign people are sensitive, emotional and responsible. The sign is symbolized with Crab and Moon rules the sign. You can wear Moonstone or Pearl as your lucky birthstone.
  • Leo(23rd July to 21st August): People under Leo sign are very generous and they are warm in nature. The sign is symbolized with Lion and Sun rules the sing. If you are a Leo then you can wear Topaz or Tiger Eye as the birthstone.
  • Virgo(22nd August to 23rd September): People who born under this sign they are ruled by Mercury. The sign is symbolized with Virgin and the lucky birthstone of the sign is Sapphire or Amethyst.
  • Libra(24th September to 23rd October): The sign is symbolized with a Scale and people of this sign are ruled by Venus. Peridot is lucky birthstone for these people.
  • Scorpio(24th October to 22nd November): The ruling lord of the sign is Mars and Scorpion symbolizes the sign. Garnet is the lucky birthstone of Scorpio people.
  • Sagittarius(23rd November to 22nd December): The sing is governed by Jupiter and an Archer symbolizes the sign. The birthstone of the sign is Turquoise.
  • Capricorn(23rd December to 20th January): The sign is symbolized with Goat and it is governed by Saturn. The birthstone of this sign is Topaz.
  • Aquarius(21st January to 19th February): The ruler of the sign is Saturn and the sign is symbolized with a water carrier. You can wear Amethyst if you are an Aquarian.
  • Pisces(20th February to 20th March): Pisces people can wear Opal or Bloodstone as birthstone. Two fishes in opposite direction, symbolizes the sign and the sign is ruled by Jupiter.


At Rashi Stone By Date Of Birth website, you are assured to get only genuine information that you can pick your birthstone in according to the date of birth and stay blissful. Keep visiting our website for more information.

Here is a partly appropriate list within an astrological framework, although there are numerous common published charts amounting your start month together with your birthstone. Astrologers discovered the intense positive effects that particular birthstone according to date of birth had when used by people belonging to certain signs. One of the most effective matchups between stone and birth are in the following list:

Aries: Stone March 21 to April 19 –

The Ram represents the Aries tendency to move to larger and greater things and is the most hard-headed dog while in the zodiac

Taurus: Emerald April 20 to May 20:

The emerald’s green shades were claimed by the ancients to have been the dewdrops left Venus, by the barefoot goddess. If the Bull wears an emerald, your organic tenderness and your deep selectivity can blend better. As soon as your passions have standards you are at your absolute best.

Gemini: Pearl May 21 – June 21:

Forged of annoying mud in an oyster from the speck, the ancients sometime ago realized the bead matched that of the Gemini’s duality. Out of a pest concealed in a layer is done a sphere of real beauty. Once the Twin wears pearls, you are filled by a convenience at being two people in one using a feeling of calm.

Cancer: Ruby June 22 – July 22:

Save for just the stone among precious gems, the ruby could be the hardest diamond. Like the Crab that signifies Cancer, an interior splendor that exists nowhere else is protected by its tough exterior. A protection of the feelings occurs, enabling you to be yourself when the Crab wears a ruby.

Leo: Peridot July 23 – August 22:

Star see that her sweetheart had betrayed her and has it that Cleopatra dropped her amulet over a trip property, simply to occur. Carrying the lovely olive- Peridot from having your comprehension defends the Lion, of the normal order upset.

Virgo: Sapphire August 23 – September 22:

Any Virgo who should put it on is protected by the Sapphire’s deep-blue. This jewel is very resistant to hurt – and you will be too. The mind is sharpened by the extreme power with this stone for details with an eye for beauty.

Libra: Opal September 23 – October 22:

This secret stone gets the ability to absorb electricity that is bad from those around you. Libra has an affable character and will get along with people who others might not choose easy. Somewhat defense out of your own judgment that is negative could proceed a considerable ways.

Scorpio: Topaz October 23 – November 21:

The lemon the Topaz gemstone is, the more relaxed your friendships may be. The Scorpion has a troubled period keeping connections when respect and trivial disagreements get confused. Carrying a Topaz pulls the fog of misunderstandings out.

Sagittarius: turquoise: This really is one of many more fragile of gems, so Sagittarians are recommended to own many bits of turquoise jewelry to select from. The Archer’s notorious optimism is focused, and you will get whenever you use this jewel known to withstand even volcanic conditions if you need.
The position-aware Capricorn will love using the jewel has mystical tendencies to open success’ gates which can be usually closed. In the same way the Goat changes her or his behavior to get forward, garnets look unique under changing sources.

Aquarius: Amethyst January 20 – February 18:

Historic icon has the lord of wine, Dionysus, crying tears of wine over a woman who would not publish to his debauchery. These pink crystals, amethysts, could keep Aquarius levelheaded once you use them within your jewelry. The stone’s name literally suggests, “Preventing drunkenness.”

Pisces: Aquamarine February 19– March 20:

We currently know that this orange jewel is related to the emerald, but ancient icon has it these gems would be the footprints and the atmosphere was once solid. Reliable dynamics to carry on to is needed by Pisces. The comforting “reliable fact” capabilities of the aquamarine diamond get this to bit of the sky the right accent show and to demonstrate your visual appearance.

birthstone-according-to-date-of-birthWhen you examine a jeweler’s pamphlet, you could observe that these same stones are recommended for start months rather than zodiac birth indicators. The explanation for this is that marketing divisions desire to interest everyone, not just to a particular religion in astrology. If you were born nearby the end of the month along with your zodiac sign is not same from the one that starts the month, your Birthstones by date of birth will be shown as of the month that employs you.

The historical alignments of birthstone according to date of birth using their astrology signs that were naturally harmonious are unbalanced on the basis of the calendars. If your birthday occurs nearby the end-of the month and is one of the next astrology sign shown for your month, you might have a sentimental bit of jewelry that has been intended for you because of a jewelry chart that designated a jewel to everyone delivered within your month. Fear not if the treasure you have was designed for the indication. Though sporting your birthstone encourages you with all the greatest vitality that represents your potential, the Birthstones by date of birth of the astrology sign before you is recognized as your twelfth house gem. The twelfth house may be the astrology is signal for psychic energy, thus wearing this type of jewel may well not emit of who you are the energy, and nonetheless it may help you detect these around your energy.